BBT Photography and Editing Services

Photography the way YOU want it!



I am a wife, mother, and friend. I LOVE photography, and am currently working on turning it into a full time career! I need to clarify here that I am NOT  a classically trained professional, but I like to think that my passion for it makes up for that.

My goal is to provide the best and most comfortable environment for anyone who chooses to use me for their photography needs, and take the pictures that YOU (the client) want, not what I want to take.

I do not have a "studio", but I actually prefer it that way. I think that studios tend to set a tone for the kind of pictures that you will inevitably get.. same 'ol, same 'ol pictures. I don't want to give you pictures that you could get done at any "chain" store, and hey.. why not enjoy the day and get out in the beautiful weather!? We can meet at a park, at your home, in a field of corn if you really want to. Wherever you want to take pictures is good with me, they are YOUR pictures.

I also provide editing services such as restorations, touch-ups, color enhancement, and creative edits. If you can think of something you want done to a picture that I take, or that you already have, I am willing to do my VERY BEST at making that happen for you.

 I am available for Birthday Parties, Family Reunions, New Babies, Older Babies, Pets, Senior Pictures, Family Reunions, Professional Portraits and just about ANY other kind of photography you can think of.

 I look forward to hearing from you and should you need to contact me directly feel free to do so at: You can also reach me at 256-270-7900. And just to make it even more convenient you can find me on Facebook!

I would like to keep the pricing as simple as possible for each individual client based solely on YOUR needs and preferences.

Call for YOUR quote today! I am available after normal business hours to help accommodate your schedule!!